How to crochet half double crochet


Crochet offers thousands of possibilities when it comes to stitch patterns.

Just by changing the number of times we yarn over, we can create tons of different stitches, even though the technique is nearly the same.

Did you know there is a stitch between single crochet and double crochet?

It’s the half double crochet stitch, and yes, as you probably figured out, it’s half way between the two, so it combines steps from both the single crochet and double crochet stitches.

And it’s really easy!

Today we’re going to teach you how to do the half double crochet stitch. Grab your wooden crochet hook and a wool skein in your favorite color, and let’s crochet!

You can watch a video tutorial here to learn how to do the half double crochet step by step:

Multiple of any number of chain stitches + 2 extra chains at the beginning

In the first row, after making your foundation chain, you’ll insert your hook into the third stitch from your hook.

In the following rows, you’ll insert your hook on top of the first stitch of the previous row.

Row 1: *yarn over the hook, then insert the hook into the next stitch. Draw yarn through the chain stitch and onto your hook.

Yarn over again and pull your hook through all of the yarn loops on your hook*.

Repeat from * to * until the end of the row.

Chain 2 and turn your work to start the next row.

Repeat this row until you’ve reached the desired length for your project.

What do you think? You can see that it looks similar to double crochet, but the rows are closer together and the resulting fabric is thicker (perfect for crocheting cozy warm winter garments).

You can watch this video as often as you like, but as you just saw this stitch is not at all complicated.

If you’ve used this stitch for a project, we want to see it!

Don’t forget to show us your finished projects on Instagram, using the tag #weareknitters.

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