What to do with your WE ARE KNITTERS wool once you finish your project


Hi knitters!

Sometimes when you finish knitting your WE ARE KNITTERS projects you will have some wool unused and maybe you don’t know what to do with it. Don’t panic! Here you have some ideas to achieve a complete DIY look.

 Today we share with you this WAK Shirt Collar you can wear with your favorite tees or sweaters.

Continue reading, it is very easy…

Use enough wool so you have two times one of the knitting needles’ size. You’ll use that thread to tie you collar. Now cast on 5 stitches.

Start knitting the first row and purl the second one. This is Stockinette Stitch You can take a look of it in our VIDEO TUTORIAL section). Do this until you have knitted 49 cm. Make sure you finish in the same side you started. This way you’ll be able to tie your collar.

Now make sure both threads in both extremes have the same size and voilà! You’ll be done knitting your collar!

Now you can customize it using studs like we did or you can sew some paillettes or just leave it like that.

More posts about what to do with your WE ARE KNITTERS wool once you have finished coming soon!




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