Wool care instructions


Hi knitters!

As you may already know, the WE ARE KNITTERS wool is 100% wool coming from Peru, one of the best in the whole world if not the best. This is what makes you knit a top quality project , apart from being unique.

Because the wool you are knitting is exceptional, you need to take care of it too. Today we are sharing with you two different techniques that will make it look even more beautiful (if that is even possible).

These two techniques will reinforce the shape of your garment, similar to when you iron a shirt or a dress. On the wool it has a similar effect too. Once you do this you will notice the difference for sure.

 Even though there are three different techniques here we will only explain two of them. This is because of the nature of our wool only two should be done:


 It is a simple method. It won’t risk your knitwear.

The spray allows to wet your garment using the exact quantity, distributing the water equally. But don’t spray your project too much or otherwise it would be a disaster!

Place your garment on an horizontal surface and dive it using some pins (i.e. you could use an ironing board). Leave you project in that position until it is completely dry.


If you have an steam iron this is your best option. You will probably achive some results without too much effort. You will only need to steam your knitwear equally once you have placed it on an horizontal area.

We encourage you not to insist too much. Do this just a couple of times or the steam could damage your knitting project.

Hopefully you will find useful this tips for your WE ARE KNITTERS projects! We will give you more very soon…



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