Knitting tips: stitch markers


Hi knitters!

Today we will teach you how to mark your knitting projects in three different ways:


A normal paperclip you may have at home or in the office could be your new best friend! In order to use it, you will probably have to open it a little bit to pass it through the WE ARE KNITTERS wool and voilà! Your marker will be created!


This is a normal tool in the knitting world, so it will be easy to find some around you. There are different sizes: the big ones are usually used to keep stitches in some knitting techniques and the little ones are perfect to sign your knitting projects!

Safety pin

Wool thread

Sometimes you won’t have a paperclip or a pin, so you could take a wool or cotton thread you have at home and use it as a sign. You could mark a stitch so you know where you did an increase, a decrease, etc. That way you will emphasize the important parts of your project!


More knitting tips coming soon!



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