How to pick up stitches in your knitting project


Hi knitters!

Today we are sharing with you a tutorial about how to pick up stitches in your knitting project. We are sure sometimes you’ve missed a stitch while knitting a WE ARE KNITTERS’ kit and you haven’t known how to pick it up.

Do not worry at all. It is super easy to do and here you have a WAK video tutorial that shows you how to do it.

To pick up a stitch you will need a crochet needle. If you don’t have any, you could use a normal needle, pen, etc.

1. Help yourself with the crochet needle and pick up the missed stitch.
2. Now pick up the thread you will have above and introduce it in the hole. This way you will create a second stitch in the next row.
3. Repeat this until you reach the last missing thread.

By doing this you will pick up all these stitches in a few seconds and you’ll be able to continue knitting your WE ARE KNITTERS kit!

More tutorial coming soon…

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