How to make a pompom?


Hi knitters!
Most of you probably already know how to make wool pompoms, but maybe some of you don’t. A couple of WE ARE KNITTERS kits include this technique. Here you have all the steps to follow in order to end up with the coolest pompoms!

All you need is:
– a piece of paper
some wool
– two circular-shaped cans
– a pencil
– scissors

1. Draw a circle of 6cm in diameter approximately in a piece of paper.

2. Now draw another circle, this time a bigger one, about 9cm in diameter in the same paper. The result should look like a ‘donut’.

3. Repeat these two steps again. Now you will have 2 pieces.

4. Cut both circles following the lines you have drawn.
*attention! Cut both pieces at the same time. This way you will get better results.

5. Use the wool to wrap the ‘donuts’ . Be careful when wrapping the wool on the edge.

6. Cut the wool between  both circles.

7. Use a wool thread and place it between both circles. Tie a knot.

8. Separate both pieces of paper and cut the pompom’s threads that are longer than the rest.

Voilá! You have made a pompom! If you’d like to get bigger pompoms you just need to draw bigger circles at the beginning. If smaller pompoms is what you’d like to make, then draw smaller circles when starting your project!
You can mix different colors too: your pompoms will look much funnier than a normal one!



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