The best thing is a knitters family


Everybody already knows the benefits of knitting on your own. But it has more advantages, like socialize other persons. In knitting parties, you can know more people with the same hobbies. But it allows you to know people around you better. For example, your family.


Knitting unites families


Mothers have always taught knitting to their daughters. With the time, this tradition got lost. But this habit has come back, thanks to knitting’s return. Every time we can see more mothers and daughters participating together between wool yarn balls in knitting parties and events. And mums and grannies are very helpful for a person who has more difficulties for learning only with videos and knitalongs. Moreover, it’s the perfect excuse for spending more time together with this funny hobby among chunky wool and wooden needles. In fact, it’s a way for remembering your childhood, when you share handcrafts with your parents and brothers. You know, knitting unites families.


Mums teach how to knit with wool yarn balls and needles


WE ARE KNITTERS team has asked some knitting help to our families sometimes, of course. We know that an extra help is the best way to learn. For this reason, we always try to make things easier with our kits, which contain everything you will need. It’s very simple: you only knit the wool doing stitches with the needles and following the pattern. Then, you end “signing” your garment with the WAK label. The result could a wonderful and made-with-love gift for your beloved. Or maybe could be a cute Christmas decoration for your home. For example, you can use knitted pompoms and stars. Everything made with the best 100% Peruvian wool.


Playing with wool


Enjoy the benefits of knitting with your family and WE ARE KNITTERS! 😉


Jugando con ovillos de lana

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