Embroidery Xmas with yarn WE ARE KNITTERS

Hi Knitters!

Today we present a Christmas tutorial for embroidery your wool accessories.

Embroidery 1

With this embroidery we create a snowflake. You can use it for creating little tablecloths, for centerpieces, cushions, socks…

You only need wool and a little sewing needle, as contained in WE ARE KNITTERS kits.

If you make the center and then you make all the other details of the snowflake, it will be much easier.

Embroidery 2

In this case, you have to make the star and mix these two different techniques with the snowflake for creating pictures. You have to create crosses with the threads. It’s very easy and fast.

This embroideries are very simple. You don’t need to be a super knitter. They’re very versatile, you can embroider the result garments from WE ARE KNITTERS kits and give them a personal touch.

More tutorials… Coming soon


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