‘I’m Rowed Out With You’ by Geo Gregory


WE ARE KNITTERS presents a new collection. We trust in young designers with an urban and cosmopolitan style. This time, we have partnered Geo Gregory, a knitwear designer from UK but based in Berlin

Geo Gregory knitting

At Geo Gregory's studio

This collection for WE ARE KNITTERS was particularly inspired by the music video for ‘I’m Rowed Out‘, by The Eyes. According Geo Gregory, “ I love the 60s pop colours, the simple silhouettes and the matching outfits”

Original designs by Geo Gregory

Original designs by Geo Gregory

60s mini dress

Within these designs, the designer tries to replicate fur, without having to use fur. She has used loop stitch to add texture to the garments and get that ‘fur’ feeling. Normally she only works in white. However, after being inspired by this video and looking at the WE ARE KNITTERS yarns, she goy inspired for creating a world full of poppy sixties colors

Tassel Cape

Oversized Cropped Jumper

60's mini skirt

Normally, Geo uses a knitting machine. But this time, she had to brush up on her hand knit skills 😉


Tassell Headdress

In WE ARE KNITTERS, we love the originality and the colors of Geo Gregory. If you wanna more about her bio and designs, you can visit http://www.geogregory.co.uk/

Tassel Cape

 We hope you like it! 🙂

Photography: Geo Gregory // Styling: Geo Gregory // Model: Lina Kieninger.

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