How do you combine wool colors?


Hi knitters!

Sometimes we want to combine some colors in the same garment, but we don’t know which wool colors we must choose for a beautiful result

There’s an essential rule for combining two colors: mix a neutral color –for example white, brown or olive + a bright color, like coral, turquoise, red… The result will be great!

Today, the WAK team show you which combinations will be perfect for your knitting projects:

Grey is a color which fits with almost all colors. But if you mix it with turquoise or wine you will draw admiring glances

Spotted is another color which fits with almost all colors. Mix it with honey for having a lighthearted look

And if you love warm colors, we suggest you a match between beige and pink for a naif and sweet result

Fine weather is coming and we want to wear brighter colors….Just combine coral with navy blue. The contrast will surprise you!

We hope these tips would be helpful for choosing your wool colors! But you know, this is orientative: “As to tastes and colors, much has yet to be said”.

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