Knitting with two different sized needles


Hi knitters!

Have you ever considered knitting with two different sized needles?

Today we are teaching you how to do so with a 15 mm and 8mm wooden WAK needles No, we haven’t gone crazy; it’s a very useful trick to get a fantastic, original lace look on your WAK garments.

When knitting with one needle that is bigger than the other, the strands of yarn stay open, creating a “torn stitch” effect that gives a unique touch to your wool or cotton WE ARE KNITTERS garments.


With one wooden needle measuring 15 mm and another measuring 8 mm, start to knit the stitch that you chose normally and you will start to see a lacey pattern on your garment… perfect for knitting a wrap, shawl or whatever else you might think of for the hottest time of the year!

You can try this fun stitch with you next WAK knitting kit… It will look fabulous with the new colors of Pima cotton!

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