Join wool or cotton with the “Russian join” method


Hi knitters!

Today we are teaching you a technique used to join the ends of your wool or Pima cotton yarn balls without making knots!… easy, clean and fast.

Our WAK knitting kits usually contain multiple yarn balls to make our designs, and although we hide the knots very well, we always end up with loose ends to finish off from when we changed yarn balls; with this method, it will look like the yarn ball that we had to change was connected to the other yarn ball, or as if the first yarn ball had never ended.

This technique, known as the “Russian join”, is very simple and all you will need to join your two threads of yarn is a little sewing needle.

Thread one end of the wool or Pima cotton in the little sewing needle and leave a little bit of loose thread. Put the threaded strand between the fibers of the wool in this way until you have covered the length of the little sewing needle.

Slip it through completely until you have put the whole thread between the fibers and end up with this.

Do the same thing with the other thread of left over yarn in order to make the two ends look as if they were only one.

Try it with one of our new Pima cotton colors. You won’t notice at all where the two yarn balls were joined!

  1. Some great hints on this site. I hope by referring back often that I can improve my nitting/crcheting skills.

    Thanks for sharing.

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