How to knit increases (Part II)


Hi knitters!

Last week we explained how to make increases in different ways. Today it’s time for two other different methods: increase 2 stitches in 1 and increase by casting on stitches towards the sides.

With these increases, you will learn to knit raglan sleeves, tops with inclined edges, wool shawls or triangular knit scarves… and many other things!

Increase 2 Stitches in One :

We make this type of increase on the edges of our knitted garment; this increase has some knot characteristics, which can help you to differentiate between the various types of increases.

1st. We take the stitch on the right edge with the right WAK needle.

2nd. We knit the following stitch.

3rd. We are going to knit the following stitch two times. First, we will knit it and then, without removing it from the needle, we will purl it.

4th. We continue knitting until we reach the second to last stitch of the left edge and repeat the same steps.


Now we will have the increase by knitting two stitches in one.

Increase by casting on stitches :

This increase is achieved by simply casting on more stitches onto your left WAK needle. We did it in ‘Santa Clara’ stitch, so that you can see that all the increases can be made with whichever type of fantasy stitch.

It’s often used to eliminate the seam of the sleeve, now that we knit the front side of the garment at the same time as the sleeve. 😉



1st. We knit the necessary width and length of the garment in the selected stitch

2nd. When we reach the stitch from which we will begin to increase, we knit it (from front to back) and transfer the stitch to the left needle, twisting the stitch.

3rd. We continue knitting the last stitch, which in this case would be the stitch we previously transferred, and we put it on our other needle until we reach the desired sleeve length.

4th. Once we have transferred all the stitches, we knit until we reach the stitch on the left side of the garment, from which we will begin to increase for the other sleeve.

5th. We switch the needle with the stitches on it to our left hand, and we increase the stitches on the left side until we reach the desired length, repeating the exact same steps.

 To create this post we have used 100% PETITE PERUVIAN WOOL in MOSS GREEN and 8MM / U.S. SIZE 11 BEECHWOOD KNITTING NEEDLES.

You already know that you can choose between any of our yarn balls and needles.

Let us see your project, with the hashtag #weareknitters.  : )

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