How to make invisible seams in garter stitch


Hi knitters!

Today we are teaching you how to knit invisible seams on your designs in garter stitch.

This technique is perfect if we want to knit together two different pieces made in garter stitch. Your design will look elastic and uniform! To start we need the knitter’s sewing needle in order to knit our pieces together.

First of all we need to choose the two pieces made with garter stitch that we want to knit together:

Knit the last row of your first piece with a thread that should have another colour. Knit that row to the right and leave the thread on the left side.

For the second piece we also need to knit the last row with another colour but leaving the thread on the right side.

It is important to know that the new threads with a different colour are only a guide during this technique. We will remove them later, after having knitted the entire piece. 

Put both pieces together, one in front of the other so that the threads stay at the same side. On one piece, the new stitches will stay at the front side and on the other piece stitches will stay at the back side.

Now we have the two pieces ready to start!

Knit both pieces together using the knitter’s sewing needle: take with this needle the first thread of your first piece.

We always have to take into consideration that on a piece, we’ll have stitches on the front and on the back. Knit the new rows on each side of the piece depending where the stitches are. On the back side, you’ll need to knit the rows down and up.

1. Introduce the knitter’s sewing needle in the first two stitches of each piece.

2. Continue knitting the second stitch up and taking the thread to the first stitch of the first piece. Knit the thread under the second stitch of the first piece.

3. Take the thread up to the 2 stitch and introduce it trough the 3 stitch.

4. Bring back the thread to the first piece while introducing the needle under the 2 stitch and put it out trough the 3 stitch.

Now just repeat these steps to finish your invisible seam.

This seam seems to be very complicated but it’s not! Just try out a few times, focusing on the pattern and having a look on the garter design. We are going to knit both pieces maintaining the pattern. Share your designs with us J


For this post we used 8 MM BEECHWOOD NEEDLES,


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