How to crochet Puff Stitch


Hi knitters!

Today we are going to learn how to crochet Puff Stitch.

This technique is used to crochet bags, clutches and other accessorizes. It’s very nice and also easy to learn. Why don’t you just try out? Let’s start!

This new technique consists basically in passing the yarn through the same stitch as many times as you want. You can do it as it better works for you, depending on your project. We will do 4 of them.

How to crochet Puff Stitch

1. Cast on all the stitches you need in order to start crocheting your accessorize.

2. We are going to start with a double crochet stitch to make the first stitch stronger.

How to crochet Puff Stitch

3. Continue with round 2 and start the Puff Stitch here. You will need to make 1 treble crochet.

How to crochet Puff Stitch

4. Pass the thread through the needle and through the next stitch. The needle needs to be at the same level as the treble stitch.

Please pay attention: the thread has always to be loose when crocheting and not tight.

How to crochet Puff Stitch

How to crochet Puff Stitch

How to crochet Puff Stitch

Now that you already know how to crochet with this technique, choose the colors and start your own project!

Share your designs and crochet results on Instagram! Don’t forget the hashtag #weareknitters 😉

For this post we have used a CROCHET HOOK and FABRIC YARN BALL IN DARK NUDE.

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