How to cast on stitches with a crochet hook


Hi knitters!

Today we want to show you how to cast on stitches with the help of the crochet needle.

You can mostly cast on stitches every time for your projects with a crochet hook.

Follow these steps in order to start casting on your stitches!

1. Make a yarn over with your crochet needle/hook as shown on the picture.

2. Place the crochet hook on the right side and always over the knitting needle. The thread should stay behind.

3. Pass the thread through the crochet hook and through the first loop we made with the crochet hook. Leave the new loop onto the crochet hook and you’ll see a stitch casted onto the knitting needle.

How to cast on stitches with a crochet hook

4. Continue casting on the stitches with the crochet hook until you think its fine for your WAK project.

For this post we have used 15mm beechwood needles  and a 100% Peuvian yarn ball in brown.

Choose the yarn ball you prefer and the color you like and share your results with us on Instagram. Don’t forget our hashtag: #weareknitters 🙂

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