How to make a tassel


Hi knitters!

Today we are going to learn how to make a tassel. It’s definitely going to be an awesome Christmas decoration for your tree and also for your garments.

Knitting tassels it’s very easy and you can use them mostly for all your accessories. It’s a must- have during Xmas time if you are a real knitter!

You only need your favorite yarn ball color, a cardboard and your little sewing needle to start your tassel!

1. Cut your cardboard as big or small you want your tassel to be and fold it in two parts. Continue rolling the wool like shown on the picture.

2. If you turn the wool more times, you tassel is going to be bigger.

3. Put the little sewing needle under the wool and tie a double knot on top.

4. Cut the wool thread under the cardboard where you can see the open part so you can equalize the tassels.

5. Hide the knot among the tassels while you turn them to the other side so that the knot stays inside the tassels.

6. Now we are going to start shaping little ball of the tassel. Make one round with the remaining thread of step 3 and make a little knot with the help of the sewing needle.

7. Make a few rounds more around the little ball and put the needle inside the centre down-up. When finished, make a little knot.

Now you should have a tassel! You can continue making more tassels for your tree, garments or whatever you feel up to knit or decorate this Xmas!

Show us your garments or Xmas decoration on Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters.

For this post we have used a 100% Peruvian wool yarn ball in fuchsia and green.

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