How to finish your projects with Blanket stitch


This crochet edge is very easy to do in any crochet or knitting project. Your garment will look nice, and it’s so useful because edges won’t roll themselves, your work will be heavier and you will strengthen your finished project. If you combine different colors, the result will look awesome 🙂

What do you need? Only your knitting or crochet work, a crochet hook and some wool of a contrast color –the wool you will use for the edge has to have a similar thickness to the wool you used at the project.

1. Make a knot in one of the edge of the garment with the wool you will use for the crocheted edge

 2. Then, crochet 1 stitch where you made the knot

 3. Rotate the garment and crochet 1 stitch

 4. As you can see, you have to make this edge using single crochet during the entire garment. The final result depends on the separation among stitches. Continue using single crochet during the entire edge. But be careful of maintaining the same distance among stitches, so the result could be uniform. When you reach the edge of the garment, rotate and crochet in the same place where you made the last single crochet.

Repeat this process until you complete the entire edge, and weave in the ends.

Wait! Wanna create a unique edge? Just try separating the crocheted stitches and change them, you will see the difference! That’s exactly what we have done in two sides of our square, introducing the hook in the center of the square.

How to finish your projects with Blanket stitch

As you can see, you can try separating the stitches. But remember, they have to be symmetric. That’s how our square looks like in the end:

We hope you love it, and we encourage you to try this technique on your knitting and crochet projects.

For this post, we used a crochet needle,100% Peruvian wool in Natural and 100% Peruvian wool in Klein blue.

Share your creations with blanket stitch on Instagram using the hashtag #weareknitters.

  1. I recently bought the Martina Cardigan kit.
    I finally opened the package up to begin this lovely thing, but did not find a pattern. I looked all through the packaging and the brown envelop but no pattern

    Can you please ship me a copy or scan a digital copy and send it ASAP.

    I look forward to your answer!

    June Robole

    1. Hi June!

      Sorry to hear that! I have emailed you a copy of the pattern to the email address you supplied here. Please let me know if you would prefer a different email address!

      Thank you!!

      Francesca and the WAK team

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