How to find out whether your stitches are sitting correctly on your knitting needle


Hello Knitters!

Have you focused on how your stitches are sitting on your knitting needle? Whether your are ripping out your stitches or temporarily transferring them onto a stitch holder, when putting them back onto your knitting needle, it is very important that they are put correctly – and today we are going to show you how to find out!

When stitches are not sitting correctly on your needle, you will notice that they are not that easy to knit, as the needle won’t go from front to back as easily as you are used to. It will probably feel a little weird. Moreover, you will notice later, that those stitches will look differently. And after all, we want your WAK-pieces to be flawless! 🙂

Look at the photo below. When stitches are sitting correctly, they should be leaning slightly to the left. Think of a stitch as having two legs. The front leg should be facing a little more to the right then the back leg.

In this next photo the stiches are sitting incorrectly. As you can see, they are leaning more to the right, with the front leg towards the left, compared to the other stitches of the row. If we wanted to knit those stitches, we would notice it to be a little more difficult than normal.

In this picture you can see even better how the back leg is leaning to the right, as clear indicator for a stitch sitting incorrectly on the knitting needle. If they were sitting correctly, however, it would be the other way around, with the front leg leaning right and the back leg leaning left.

Once you have spotted your twisted stitches you can fix them simply by taking them off your needle and putting them back on the right way. Now you can keep on knitting normally – and get that perfect look you want for your project!

For this post, we have used 15mm knitting needles and a 100% Peruvian yarn ball in grey.

Don’t forget to share your projects on Instagram using the hashtag #weareknitters! 😉

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