How to close and seam a beanie


Hi Knitters!

If you have ever knitted one of our beanies, you know that they are usually knitted in one flat piece that is later finished off. Creating a beanie from one flat knitted rectangle is much easier then it might seem at first. All you need is your WAK sewing needle, some scissors and of course your knitted piece 🙂

In this Video you can see how we finish off a Santiago Beanie:


Quite easy, right? It is very important that in the end you hide the threads well. After all you want your beanie to be perfect 🙂

Now that you have finished off your beanie, you can decorate with pins and other accessories. Get creative and share your WAK Beanies on Instagram using the Hashtag #weareknitters. We are looking forward to your pictures! 🙂

To create this video we have used 15mm Beechwood wooden knitting needles and 100% Peruvian wool in Honey.

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