How to purl rows without turning the project around


Normally, when we are knitting, we have to turn the project around when we change from knitting to purling rows. For example, when we knit in stockinette stitch, we knit one row, then change the needles and then purl one row. Did you ever realize how much time you lose while you change the needles and take the thread up again?

Step 1: How to purl without turning the project around

In the post today we are going to teach you a trick so that you don’t have to change needles when purling a row. It really comes in handy when you knit stockinette stitch, short rows or when you have a small number of stitches on your needle. That way you will save some time so that you can knit some more rows in the end 😉

In order to knit in this fashion it is better to hold the thread coming from the ball of wool in English style, meaning with the right hand. Although, even if you knit in continental style you will have a lot more control over the thread when you change hands.

Step 2: How to purl without turning the project around

When you get to the end of the knitted row, don’t change the needles. Insert the left hand needle through the thread behind into the first stitch on the right hand needle.

Step 3: How to purl without turning the project around

Wrap the thread coming from the ball of wool around the left hand needle, from behind to the front, as you can see in the picture. You can help yourself with the left index finger to hold onto the thread.

Step 4: How to purl without turning the project around

With the thread around the left hand needle, pull it out of the stitch.

Step 5: How to purl without turning the project around

Lastly, let the stitch slip off the right hand needle. Now you have purled the first stitch and you already have it on the left hand needle.

Repeat the same steps with the rest of the stitches and when you are finished you will have purled a whole row without ever having to turn the project around. That way you will knit a lot faster in stockinette stitch!

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    1. Hi Cindy,

      Our Wool is 80 meters (87 yards), our Petite Wool is 140 meters (153 yards), our cotton is 212 meters (232 yards), and our baby alpaca is 112 meters (123 yards)! Hope this helps!



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