How to correctly hide the threads in rib stitch


Let’s finish our series on how to hide loose threads! Today, we are going to see in an easy and fast way how to hide these threads in rib stitch.

Step 1-hide-threads-rib-stitch

In order to make it easier to see the thread, we have used a thread of a contrasting color, but supposing that they were of the same color the hidden thread would hardly be visible.

 Step 2-hide-threads-rib-stitch

Insert the needle from the inside of the project and pull it out on the outside. Now pass the needle through the side blocks that forms between the “V”s of the rib stitch. If you’re not able to distinguish them, pull the stitches a little. Pass the needle through the stitches alternating just as you can see in the picture.

Step 3-hide-threads-rib-stitch

After having passed through around 4 or 5 stitches, pull the needle out of the nearest stitch in a horizontal manner. Take care that the change from one row of stitches to another is on the inside of the project.

Step 4-hide-threads-rib-stitch

Repeat the same process as you did in the first step: Make the needle pass vertically through the horizontal lines that form between the stitches. They have to look exactly the same as the ones we did in the rows of stitches besides them.

Step 5-hide-threads-rib-stitch

Go on repeating this with the next row of stitches. You will have three lines of thread crossing the stitches vertically.

Before you cut the thread pull the rib stitch a little so that the new stitches aren’t too tense. Ready!

With this post and the previous one you already have all the prerequisites you need to finish your projects like an expert. You can always consult them when you have doubts about anything 🙂

In our example we have used light blue fabric yarn, but you can of course use any color you like and 15MM wooden needles.

Don’t forget to show us the finished product on Instagram using the hashtag #weareknitters!

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