How to close your amigurumis


The Golden rule of knitting and crocheting: correctly finishing your projects is just as important as the actual project.

Why? Because not only will it look better and more professional, but also because it will last longer… there are tons of reasons why it’s worth taking a few extra minutes to finish our projects

This time it’s the amigurumis turn, those sweet crocheted dolls we love to make and cuddle 🙂

close amigurumis

Pick up any finished piece of an amigurumi, your tapestry needle and get ready to learn step by step how to close your amigurumis.

Step 1:

Once you’ve finished your piece, cut the yarn leaving a long tail and thread it onto your tapestry needle.

close your amigurumis

Step 2:

Now, insert your needle from the outside to the inside under the front loop, as shown in the image.

close your amigurumis

Step 3:

Repeat the same for each and every stitch left after binding off, always from the outside to the inside and only through the front loop.

Don’t pull the thread too tightly in this step.

close your amigurumis

Step 4:

Once you have gone passed the yarn through every stitch, pull tightly! You’ll see how the hole in our amigurumi closes as if by magic 🙂

close your amigurumis

Step 5:

With the yarn still on your tapestry needle, insert the tip of the needle back into the center of the stitches you just closed.

close your amigurumis

Step 6:

Bring the needle out through any stitch far from the point where we inserted the needle.

close your amigurumis

Step 7:

Now make a knot to fasten the yarn and insert the needle back through the same stitch where we pulled it out in the last step.

close your amigurumis

Step 8:

Insert the needle into a random stitch, and this time cut the yarn even with the surface of your crocheted piece.

close your amigurumis

And we’re done! The hole is closed and the yarn tail is fastened invisibly.

close your amigurumis

Now you can practice your technique by making our little crocheted animals and objects! And before you know it, everyone will want one too and you’ll be crocheting up an amigurumi storm 😉

Share your photos with us on Instagram and Twitter using hashtag #weareknitters, you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win 70€ (that’s $80 for our American friends) worth of WAK products 🙂

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