3 ways to make wool pompoms at home


You probably know how to make wool pompoms using cardboard, but maybe you don’t know there are many other ways to make them.

With your hand, using a fork, and even using toilet paper or paper towel rolls!


No more excuses not to make pompoms wherever you are 🙂

Wool pompom with your hands

Start by wrapping the yarn around your index, middle, and ring fingers. The more you wrap the thicker and fluffier your pompom will be.


Once you’ve finished wrapping the yarn, cut a piece of the same yarn and place it between your fingers, making sure that it surrounds all of the yarn you have on your fingers.


Now, make a knot with the piece of yarn so that it secures the pompom, and carefully remove it from your fingers. Pull the knot tight and make another one.


Using scissors cut through all of the yarn, just where it forms a loop.


The last step is to “comb” our pompom, using your fingers massage the strands into a nice round shape and trim the ends so they are all the same length.


That’s it!

Wool pompoms using toilet paper rolls

To use this method, take two empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls cut in half. They don’t have to be exactly the same size, they will still work.

Start by placing the strand of yarn securely between the two card board rolls.


Now start wrapping the yarn around both card board rolls, remember the more yarn you wrap the thicker your pompom will be. You can combine more than one color of yarn if you want to.


Cut a piece of yarn and place it between the two card board rolls, then tie two knots.


Slip the pompom off of the card board rolls (you don’t have to cut them, this way you can reuse them) and then cut the yarn like we did for the first method of making a pompom.


Now just a little pompom hairdressing to make it perfect!

Wool pompom on a fork

The process is basically the same as for the first two methods, but this system is especially useful when we need to make tiny pompoms to sew onto garments, etc. Any fork you have at home will do.

Start by placing the yarn between the tines of the fork to anchor it.


Now wrap the yarn around the fork, you can pull it tightly since the fork offers a strong, resistant base.


When your done wrapping, cut a piece of yarn, and using the tines of the fork calculate where the center of your pompom will be. Slip the piece of yarn around the wrapped yarn and tie two knots.


Now gently remove the pompom from the fork by slipping it off the top.

Cut the yarn in half and you’ll have the cutest and tiniest little pompom in the world 😀


Now you just have to make lots of pompoms and use them in your next DIY project!

We’ll give you a few ideas and encourage you to try your hand with these pompoms of different shapes or with this Christmas wreath with pompoms, what do you think?

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