How to make an invisible knot to join two yarn tails.


What we like the least as knitters is having to join one yarn ball to another with bothersome knots, which later show on our projects. That’s why in the We Are Knitters blog we’ve been teaching you different ways to join yarn tails: 1, 2 and 3. Today we are adding a new method to your repertoire, and they look great when we knit with them.

This kind of knot is known as the “weaver’s knot”, is it a sign?
Hemos creído que queda mucho mejor explicado si te mostramos el paso a paso en un vídeo tutorial:

We believe is much better explained if we show you the step-by-step in a video-tutorial:

1. Make a loop with the yarn tail to your left, making the strand go under itself.

2. Introduce the left yarn tail through the loop formed on the last step, bottom-up.

3. Now, pass the yarn tail from the left under the yarn tail from the right, and then through the loop of step 1.

4. Pull strongly from both yarn tails to close and secure the knot.

5. Cut as close as possible from the knot the left over tails.

For this example we used two balls of fine wool in light yellow, and aquamarine, but all our yarns are perfect for this kind of join. He have used two different colors so you can better appreciate the contrast between both balls, but when you use this kind of knot with the same yarn color, and then knit a row with it, it will be practically invisible.
What’s your favorite way to join two balls of yarn? Tell us in the comments! 😉

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