How to cast off with a tapestry needle




Today we are going to show you a new way to cast off your project: using a tapestry needle. Although we’ve already shown you several ways to cast off, you’re going to love this method, because it makes for a very elastic cast off, almost as if it were the cast on instead of the cast off.

Don’t miss the video with instructions on how to cast off with this method:

  1. Start by placing the knitting needle so it points towards the left (where you will drop the cast off stitches). Cut the yarn leaving a tail about three times the length of the edge you want to cast off, don’t forget to thread your tapestry needle!


  1. Carefully slip the first two stitches off the knitting needle. Insert the tapestry needle through both of these stitches from right to left, as if you were going to purl them. Pull gently to adjust the tension.


  1. Drop the next stitch from the knitting needle (this time, only one stitch) and repeat the same as in the step above: insert the tapestry needle through the stitch you just dropped and the previous stitch (the one that is already sewn) from right to left as if you were going to purl them. Then pull gently to adjust the tension.

Continue repeating step 3 until all of the stitches have been cast off. You don’t have to make a knot at the end, the tension of the seam will keep the stitches closed, so all you have to do is weave in the end of the yarn tail.

Use this type of cast off for any of your projects, but it’s really useful for projects that require a stretchy cast off. Another advantage of this technique is that you can easily control the tension when casting off each stitch and avoid pulling them too tightly.

Don’t forget that we have tons of knitting kits so you can practice this technique, choose one!

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