How to correct cables on your project


Hi knitters!

Last week we learned how to knit cables or braids, but this time, we would like to show you, how to correct cables on your project.

This technique is not very easy to learn but we always use cables on our designs. It’s a common mistake to twist braids wrong while knitting, but we can also correct our mistakes. If you need to correct a cable on your garment, don’t worry, we will show you how to do it!

1. Have a look on the cross where you did the cable wrong.

2. With the help of your little sewing needle and a thread of a different color, cast on the 6 stitches on the cross where you have the wrong cable. It’s important to leave 1 row free where you will cut and correct the cable. Use another thread to cast on the other 6 stitches below.

 How to correct cables on your project

How to correct cables on your project

3. Cut the remaining stitches between the threads of the color used for the correction.

4. Cast on all the stitches below onto your wooden needles and relocate the stitches of the cross.

 How to correct cables on your project

5. Now that you have the correct position of the crossing, we are going to start knitting the remaining stitches. You always need to check the technique used in the pattern.

How to correct cables on your project

How to correct cables on your project

How to correct cables on your project

We all know that repairing stitches and projects is always complicated, but we really want you to try! Follow the steps and fix the cable or braid on your WAK project! 🙂

For this post we have used 5 MM BEECHWOOD WAK NEEDLES and 100% PIMA COTTON IN ORANGE.

Remember that you can knit your cables and braids with different types of thread. Check our website and choose your yarn balls and colors to start knitting.

hope to see your wool projects on Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters.

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