Which models we advise you to knit according to your level


When you’re learning to knit, it’s necessary to start your knitting learning with an easy garment.  The most asked question in WE ARE KNITTERS is which models are better for beginners.

There are a few knitting techniques, and the easiest is garter stitch. You must knit a straight garment with this technique. A Bryant Scarf is great for beginners.

Bryant Scarf

Continue with more snoods and scarfs. We recommend Spinning jenny Scarf (moss stitch), or snoods as Empire Snood (rib stitch), Downtown Snood (moss stitch) or Soho’s Snood (eyelet stitch)

Spinning Jenny scarf

Empire Snood

Soho's Snood

And then, you can knit wool beanies. Why don’t you continue with a Sienna Beanie or Brooklyn Braid?

Sienna Beanie knitting kit

Congratulations, you’re already a mature knitter! Now, you can knit more difficult garments, like West Side Vest or Manhattan Cape.

West Side Vest

Manhattan Cape

Now, you can try your first sweater.  The best options are Nolita Sweater, Hudson Shirt, 1760 Sweater or Canal Sweater. Then, you can create more difficult things, like Les Sweater or Didot Jacket.

Nolita Sweater

Didot Jacket

You’re almost a knitting expert! You can knit a Steam Coat (loop stitch) or a NYC Collar

Steam Coat

NYC Collar

The most complicated ones are Kiki Beanie and Zermatt Cardigan, because you have to follow some difficult techniques for beginners.

Kiki Beanie

Zermatt Cardigan

Once you start knitting, you will increase your level soon. Join the knitting revolution!

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